Who are you?

This is me

A bunny with internet access!

Hi!!! the name is Erika, but you can call me "Eri", I go by any pronouns (dont worry about it), a 17 year old artist that likes to draw, model and animate in 3d, code, filmaking and sometimes makes music!. Im really interested in gamedeveloping too!, altought i haven't finished any of my games lol. If you want to see any of my projects and works, you can go to the "Gallery" section of my page!.

I like movies and webseries, a lot of people won't consider movies and animation on the internet as "valid" cinema, but i do, FVCK YOU IF YOU DONT!!! (I also want to do animations and short films too! maybe even a full on analog/digital horror series!).

Too introvert for the extroverts, too extrovert for the introverts, i like talking with people on the internet, talk to me, i need friends (dont do it irl, i dont know how to do that lol).


  • -Dogs and cats!
  • -Possums and raccons!
  • -BUNNIES!!!
  • -The color green!
  • -Forests!
  • -Rain!
  • -Analog horror!
  • -Playing my guitar!
  • -Sandwiches!
  • -Cold Coffe!
  • -Orange Juice!

Random Stuff

  • -My birthday is the november 1st!
  • -Im INTP!
  • -I collect CDs!
  • -Im from Mexico!
  • -My first game console was the xbox 360, altought, my first experiences with gaming were with flash games, and emulation.
  • -I may be autistic lol


  • -Really spicy food
  • -Summer weather
  • -Partys
  • -Loud Noises
  • -Game "Remakes"
  • -Proprietary software
  • -Subscription based software
  • -Streaming services

You can find me here:

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