Welcome fellow websurfer!

This is my webspace, a place where you can hangout and get to know me a little bit more!.

Here you will find a piece of my inspirations and the things i love, some of my art, behind the scenes stuff of my projects and weekly ramblings on my blog (coming soon!)

Why Neocitites?

Cause i really like doing stuff by my own! I also feel this place is more personal than any profile in any social media, its my own and i can do wathever i want with it!!!


July 30th 2023

After days of hard work, i finally managed to upload my site! there still are things i have to work on and will come in a short time, but there's still a lot of interesting content to see!.

You can see a list of things coming soon in the article below, while you wait for those, you can watch my latest youtube video (uploaded three months ago lol) a fan vid of the analog horror series "The Walten Files".


To do list!

  • -Blog
  • -Behind the scenes
  • -Misc. stuff
  • -Guestbook